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IM Eye Bonus & Review

The moment I received the email from Tim and Steve I was quite fascinated — more so than many other IM’s in the industry. The reason? I have a keyword discovery product of my own that I’ve been recently working on (some may say sitting on) for some time now. So I was thinking how my product would stand up to this new tool. It turns out that my product needs a little work..

IM Eye launches on April 8th at Midday…. ( and selling price goes up on April 15th)

Grab IM Eye right here and receive my $200 bonus for you.

I’ve actually acquired Tim and Steve’s products before (yeah not free — I basically paid for it). Commission Blueprint was a fantastic video program if you were into PPC. (it’s still available as of the moment. if you’re interested)

The newest thing I ordered from them was Niche Blueprint 2., which was a very good technique for making ecommerce websites. Inside of NB 2. there were a few quiet – but reliable programs. Keyword Blueprint, provided you a quick look at looking at keywords and how hard it might be to rank for them specifically. It was quick and pretty — and somewhat good. Also included was a course labeled Discover Niches.. it had a “random” feature that built allowing discovering untouched markets a breeze.

So why does this matter? Well IM Eye looks to become a blend of both programs, and that is a very good thing.

Listed here is a basic explanation of IM Eye and what makes it different & great:

1. The software is clean and easy to find their way around – Don’t under estimate this, almost nothing is worse than a clunky software that you can’t figure out how to use – or want to go back using. And yeah I’m aiming at you Market Samurai.

2. Its not necessary seed keywords. This for me is the most effective part. I don’t know with regards to you, but I can never know about how to start. Every classification seems too huge and I normally just end up stopping before I ever get going.

3. Providing need to hang on around while the device sits and churns through its examination. This is portion of the clean and easy from above.. they currently have all the info, no need to search Google/Yahoo for it.

4. You’ll be able to just ASK IMeye what YOU want… and it’ll quickly deliver.

5. It does apply across numerous income streams. Whether you own an Adsense site, an ecomm site, or a web 2. push page — regardless of what you can isolate it in IMEYE… just brilliant stuff.

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